"The Lost Sirens" New Order's Last Album - Released Mid Jan 2013

Posted on Monday, 14 January 2013

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The final tracks from the "Waiting For The Sirens Call" sessions are to be released as ‘The Lost Sirens’  in mid January 2013, a mini album featuring Peter Hook,Bernard Sumner, Stephen Morris and Philip Cunningham.

The Lost Siren’s features eight tracks and are all previously unreleased. ‘Hellbent’ features on ‘The Lost Sirens’ in its original non-radio edit form and ‘I Told You So’ is also previously unreleased mix.

 The Lost Sirens Tracklisting

CD I’ll Stay with You (4.22
)Sugarcane (4.47)
Recoil (5.08)
Californian Grass (4.38)
Hellbent (4.28)
Shake It Up (5.21)
I’ve Got A Feeling (4.29)
I Told You So (5.05)

The CD is being released across multiple territories between 14th Jan and 22nd Jan 2012.

To order the CD on Amazon check here - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Lost-Sirens-New-Order/dp/B00A8LRIEW/ref=mb_oe_a/279-4671078-4827606


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