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Posted on Friday, 25 January 2013

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Here with a round up of the hugely positive critical reaction to Peter Hook And The Light’s debut “Movement” and “Power, Corruption & Lies” Concerts in January 2013.

This article will be updated with details of further reviews as they are published.

KOKO London – Thursday 17th January 2013

The Times

“Say what you will about Peter Hook, the man has got balls….It was most enjoyable to revisit these albums….for those in the audience who had been too young or not even born when these albums were released, this was clearly a welcome opportunity to get the flavour of these musical riches in concert…after two hours, Hook signed off withTemptationand a suitably heroic finale of New Order’s biggest hit,Blue Monday.”

The Sun

“Hooky is the Rock God of bass players….his performance at North London’s Koko had far more energy than last summer’s Hyde Park show by the rest of New Order….He closed with a triumphant Temptation then the inevitable encore of Blue Monday….You’ve still got it, Hooky.”


Not every legendary band is New Order, and no band ever had a single band member like Peter Hook. After a couple of acclaimed tours.... the relentlessly charming bassist....
While pages and pages of text has been written about how influential Peter Hook’s bass sound is, and how much it defined Joy Division and New Order, it seems it’s relatively unknown that he’s also a very compelling front man. He’s particularly engaging on earlier tracks like 'Ceremony' and 'Truth'. Now, 30 years later, the songs really come to life with a punchier musical delivery than they ever had on record, and an uber-confident Hook belting them out.

The most fascinating thing about the gig is hearing the journey between Joy Division and the classic New Order sound over the course of two hours. The transition from a debut album track, 'Senses' for example, via the inter-album singles like 'Everything’s Gone Green' to 'Age of Consent' and the sudden confidence of the synth/rock/indie sound is really compelling to hear live.

Evening Standard

“the real success last night, however was the songs. Dreams Never End revealed where The Cure got many of their ideas from, while Chosen Time sounded like a dance-friendly version of Editors….there are few bassists as distinctive as Hook. Age of Consent — a propulsive synth-pop favourite from Money, Corruption & Lies — was one of many songs to showcase his uniquely melodic playing style.”


“the result is new tracks that are ghostly reminders of a different time. So yes, it was different. But the gloomy, melodic sounds and trait beats were instantly recognisable .....the drumming was fantastic and the arrangements near flawless.

For images of the Koko Concert check here -

Manchester Cathedral –- Friday 18th Jan 2013

Manchester Evening News

“There was never any doubt that this gig by the New Order legend and his new band was to be something quite extraordinary….there was certainly an air of eager anticipation that this was an event, a happening, a moment in history….his bouncing, bending stage presence give this whole performance the urgency and, aptly, movement that it might be said is lacking in the ‘other’ New Order’s live performances of the past year.”

Louder Than War

“The gig is already unfolding into a triumph with a very tight band led by Hooky’s defining bass and surprisingly assured and great vocals finding a whole new meaning in the dusty old songs and maybe helping hook himself to find some sort of sense in his back catalogue….. What Hooky has done is grab these songs by the scruff of the neck and give them a punkiness with his bass driving the songs with an added raw power….Tonight is a real triumph - everything was perfect from the venue, to the acoustics, to the delivery of the songs, to the tight band, to the vocals and that distinctive great bass playing….A romp through a back catalogue should never be this good but Hooky has made these songs have a very different narrative and put a whole new heart and soul into them.

Qro Magazine

Hook & The Light took to the stage with an unfussy and businesslike demeanour that they maintained throughout the show. This was a show about musical excellence and there was no need for showboating. Hook (or ‘Hooky’ as one felt by the end that one ought to call him just so as not to feel like an outsider), sporting a check shirt and jeans and still wearing his bass slung at just above knee-level, acknowledged the roar of the crowd with a wave but he wasn’t feeling conversational. He had the look of a man who had a serious job to do and would not welcome interruptions.

For images of the Manchester Cathedral Concert check here -

Club Ifor Bach, Cardiff – (Warm Up Show ) Wednesday 16th Jan 2013

Wales Online

As the night wore on, you couldn’t help wondering whether Hook had missed his vocation all those years away from the mic…..having seen New Order dozens of times in the past, I’ve never heard these songs sung so well before, with Hook more than up to the job….The night was a triumph….This had been a two-hour long tour-de-force.”

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1 | denise42 | 27th January 2013 at 21:16

A joy to listen to - Manchester Cathedral was the perfect venue (for a second time). Bless you & yours, loved every second, took some photos that will last a lifetime and remind me of an exceptional night with my very best friend. Never to be forgotten.

News :: Peter-hook-and-the-light-perform-movement-power-corruption-lies-jan-2013-media-reaction-images :: image therealjasonrockman Montreal, Canada
2 | therealjasonrockman | 28th January 2013 at 12:30

I saw Peter and his band perform in Montreal a year or so ago, and had the pleasure of interviewing him on my radio show....a class act, and a FANTASTIC frontman! I sincerely hope he brings this tour to Canada!

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