Peter Hook And The Light Debut New Order’s First Two Albums With Special London & Manchester Concerts January 2013 “Movement (1981) / Power Corruption And Lies (1983)”

Posted on Wednesday, 21 November 2012

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Thursday 17th January 2013 

Koko, Camden, London

Tickets : / Direct Link 

24 Hour Booking – 0845 413 4444

Friday 18th January 2013

Manchester Cathedral

Tickets : / Direct Link

24 Hour Booking – 0844 477 1000

Tickets For Both Concert On Sale 9am Tuesday 25th September 2012

Tickets £20 include charity donation to MIND & Forever Manchester

Peter Hook And The Light are to debut their performances of the first two albums released by New Order, “Movement” (1981) and “Power Corruption And Lies” (1983) with two unique, inaugural London and Manchester concerts in January 2013, the first at the legendary Koko in London and the second a distinctive and special event, taking place at Manchester Cathedral

Alongside the performances of the albums in full and in sequential order, which has become one of the hallmarks of The Light’s live performances to date, the band are also set to revisit the many classic singles of the 1981 to 1983 including “Ceremony”, “Everything’s Gone Green”, “Temptation” and “Blue Monday” which New Order generally refused to include on the albums, considering the LP’s should stand alone in comparison to the single releases.

As with the other albums across the Joy Division and New Order canon, both albums have stood the test of time with the period marking the emergence of the new band and their developing sound whilst also, most notably on “Movement” referring back to Joy Division musical template.

The last album from the band to be produced by Martin Hannett, “Movement’s reputation has grown stronger amongst fans and aficionados since its release, becoming more respected and revered, especially for its emotional and music links to Joy Division and its themes of a band finding its feet in the aftermath of tragedy, looking towards new experimentation and techniques.

With the band not having settled on a permanent lead singer by the time of the recording of Movement, Peter Hook took lead vocals on two of the albums tracks, opener “Dreams Never End” and “Doubts Even Here”, the former now widely admired with Hooky’s elegant bass line hinting at the direction in which the band were now heading. Insurgent and anthemic in equal parts, “Movement” as its title suggests shows a band embracing progress and a lighter touch and style on “Chosen Time” and “Senses”, a mood counterbalanced with the not unexpected emotion and soul searching on album centre-point “The Him”, “ICB” and “Truth”.

In comparison, “Power Corruption And Lies” shows the emergence of what is generally termed the trademark, archetypal New Order sound. More open and optimistic than the title might suggest, the Peter Saville designed album cover takes the National Gallery owned “A Basket Of Roses” by Henri Fantin Latour and makes the sleeve a piece of modern art which has been widely lauded since its release three decades ago.

Critically “Power, Corruption And Lies” was also more enthusiastically received than its predecessor with superlative immediately forthcoming from the very best sections of the music press. Containing some of the fans persistent live favourites such as “Age Of Consent” and “Your Silent Face”, it was this album that cemented New Order’s reputation and showed a cohesiveness and new found confidence emanating from the band.

Opening side A, “Age Of Consent” highlights the increasing influence of electronica on the band, its light and airy synths allies to a bassline performed with finesse. The low slung angular post punk funk of “Ultraviolence” and the first part of “586” could have made Joy Division’ second album “Closer” but as “586” closes the first side with a flourish of synthesisers and electro, the track in particular comes to define the changes in New Order’s style.

Sometimes compared to Kraftwerk’s “Trans Europe Express” on the flipside, the elegantly angelic “Your Silent Face” has been termed a sublime, techno tinged ballad and is still regarded as one of New Order’s finest ever tunes. The album also begins to show the influence of the then opened FAC 51 The Hacienda encroaching on the band’s craft and closes off with the jauntily, uplifting “Ecstacy” and the delicately wrought and soulful “Leave Me Alone”, Although later editions of the album have included mega hit “Blue Monday” and its instrumental counterpart “The Beach”, these were not included on the original release,

Support at both concerts comes from Manchester based Modern Blonde, comprising Adam and Tom Greenhalgh alongside Ben Silver. Over the past two years they have released 35 songs spread over two albums, available to download free from their Bandcamp page linked below. They have drawn comparisons to Kraftwerk, Ariel Pink, R Stevie Moore and Frank Zappa and are currently working on a third album as well as regularly performing live.

As with the previous debut album concerts by The Light, both gigs benefit two charities, Mind, the mental health charity and Forever Manchester, a local Manchester charity which supports numerous community based initiatives.

For more info on Modern Blonde check here –

For videos and concert footage from The Light check /

On “Movement”

"Movement exists almost exactly in between Joy Division's post-punk sound and the synth-pop style that would come to define New Order and influence pop music for decades".[6]

Slant Magazine

“More so than on anyJoy Divisonrecord, it also revealed a group unafraid to experiment relentlessly in the studio until it had emerged with something unique.....a ghostly, brittle record, occasionally uptempo but never upbeat, with drum machines rattling and echoing over dark waves of synthesizers andHooky's basswork. (It would have been...)A masterpiece in the career of any other post-punk band.”

All Sounds.

“Edging towards a new Northern model of awkward angst disco....One of bassist and vocalist Peter Hook's favourite New Order albums.”

Mojo Magazine

On “Power Corruption And Lies”

"A landmark album of danceable, post-punk music,”

Rolling Stone

(On Power Corruption And Lies) there are few songs that sound so utterly transcendent, and few moments in music that carry so much emotion. Here is "no hearing or breathing, no movements, no colours, just silence"; here is peace among men; here is a new, bold beginning.

The Guardian

(On Power, Corruption And Lies) New Order struck upon something both in keeping with the times and notably progressive....a herald of New Order’s second, imperial period of being clued-in electro pioneers”

BBC Online

On “Peter Hook And The Light”

“Stirring, emotive and exceptionally impressive....Hooky and the band reinvigorated the old material with real passion.

Word Magazine, December 2011

“5 Stars – A fitting tribute to one of the greatest bands Britain has ever produced. Hooky pulled it off and then some.”

Sunday Mail, May 2012

“Hook is dispelling the naysayers, the doubters, reclaiming his music and delivering it the way he always wanted to, as the song ends he looks emotional, he strips to the waist, balls his shirt and tosses it into the crowd.

Joy Division were always a rock band, and Peter Hook will always be a rock star – but a rock star who wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t ashamed to show his emotions.


Louder Than War, May 2012


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