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Posted on Monday, 9 April 2012

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If music be the food of love, play on

In aid of Teenage Cancer Trust, over 250 people and companies including over 60 musicians have come together for a book that merges iconic portraits with captivating recipes, accompanied by personalised interviews.

A concept created by Patrice De Villiers, with interviews by music journalist Andrew Harrison and recipes by rock 'n roll cook Sarah Muir, the result is an impressive testament to what can be achieved by goodwill and earnest desire of a dedicated group of people for the benefit of others.

From rock legends to emerging artists, an incredible fusion of musicians reveal their passion for tucking into a favourite and often, unexpected culinary desire.

The result is a beautifully crafted book, with a unique appeal , which makes a great gift that it has been created for the good of others.

Love music love food: The rock star cook book is available in all major retailers now.

You can get your copy here direct from the Teenage Cancer Trust here -

Peter Hook Loves Tandoori Crab Claws

As a member of Joy Division and then New Order it is clear Peter Hook knows a thing or two about making great music. But this man also knows a thing or two about food and in contributing to Love Music Love Food: The Rock Star Cookbook nothing quite compares to his love of Indian cuisine and particularly Tandoori Crab Claws.

Peter’s love for Indian food goes beyond his beloved Tandoori Crab Claws. He’s been going to Jai Kathmandu in Northenden for years, “It literary is the best curry house in Manchester,” he says. But it’s not just Curry that get’s him excited. He remembers times when he ate at a Japanese restaurant in New York in the early 80s and the times when he used to eat at the Hacienda, the club New Order invested in “I was about the only person to eat in the Hacienda restaurant.”

Now Peter likes to cook himself nowadays and says he is actually quite good “I’m told my grilled Salmon is quite good.”

Love Music Love Food: The Rock Star Cookbook is available at


Teenage Cancer Trust -

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